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TPO Roofing

A TPO roof is ideal if you look for a reliable roofing system that can do more beyond the essential functions. Among the two options of single-ply membrane commercial roofing (the other one being an EPDM roof), a TPO roof (thermoplastic polyolefin) is a popular flat roof choice. This roll-on roofing material comes in large sheets.

A TPO roofing installation is done in two different ways, either fastened mechanically or adhered. It also involves prep work and adding insulation before proceeding with the actual installation, along with professional equipment. All the job done in each stage of the process is critical to its efficiency. You want to count on professional TPO roof installation.

Benefits With A TPO Roof & Our Services

Having a professional roof company to install and repair your TPO roof is vital because it will ensure its fantastic advantages:


Serve You For Many Years To Come: 

The configuration of a TPO roof beats many potential causes of roof damage, such as water damage, wear, tear, mildew and mold growth, UV rays (it is UV resistant), and even fire (it is fire-resistant as well). All of it brings ease of maintenance and safety throughout its long lifespan.

The Best Cost: 

A TPO roof can be more budget-friendly than other roofing options like PVC. Paired with easy maintenance, it can decrease the upkeep costs AND energy costs as well. If you didn’t know already, a TPO roof is well-known for its UV reflectance. Therefore, it helps reduce cooling costs in the summer by retaining less heat!

Even if a roofing material is cost-effective, you always want to protect your investment, especially for your commercial facilities. Building By Grace is the best roofing service in the area. We are the roofing contractor to call if you are looking for excellent quality and a quick turnaround. Contact us at (404) 447-8544!


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