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Gable Roof

Gable roofs are renowned for their simplistic design, but they can offer many benefits for you. They consist of two sloped sides from their upper edge at a ridge. A hip and gable roof are often mistaken, but what sets it apart is that gable roofs only have a single pair of slopes.

Their unique configuration offers high-weather resistance through proper drainage for precipitation. Its style is also appealing for many, boosting a home’s curb appeal. While they have a distinctive trait, gable roofs also come in different types and can even be combined with other roof types. Some types of gable roofs are:

  • Box gable roof
  • Front gable roof
  • Cross gable roof
  • Double gable roof
  • Dutch gable roof

Gable roofs are also installed in different materials. You can pick from metal shingles, and cedar shake shingles, asphalt shingles, and a terracotta roof. If you are interested in installing a gable roof at Building By Grace, we offer you every option shared.


Choose What’s Right For You

Gable roofs may be simple in design, but they are more complex to install. To do so, you want to count on a reliable roofing installation service to secure your investment. 

At Building By Grace, we not only install gable roofs. Being general contractors, we can build gable roofs from start to finish. We also provide gable repair and roof replacement. Here, you’ll find the full spectrum of services to maintain a high level of quality.

Our quality work matches that of our partners’ products. As GAF & Owen Cornings certified partners, you have the guarantee that our work and materials are the best.

Superior Services & Attention

Gable roofs are convenient, just like our roofing services. We are your reliable roofing company near Tucker, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Brookhaven & Buckhead counties. Apart from a premium solution, you get premium customer service. Enjoy military and senior discounts with a rapid response. Contact us at today!


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